Meet Willi

(An almost wordless Wednesday.)

Willi has been living on the streets for about 5 years. After almost a year, someone took him by the hand and showed him all the places that offer help for homeless people. It got better.

His hardest time is never winter, but when people come up to him stating he ought to get a job or something. You see, this is exactly how it all started. Once, Willi was a “proper” citizen. Married, two kids and a job that nearly killed him. Before he could work himself into a proper burn out, his wife left him, because she never got to see him and before he knew it, he was living on Alexander Platz.

Sometimes his kids visit him and he always has enough change to buy them an ice cream.

His cups are filled with red money. If everyone who walked by just gave him 2 Cents…


Be nice.


8 thoughts on “Meet Willi

      1. Winter would be very tough. Try a short stint at McD for variety? I can coach you through the rough spots for free. Steig aus in spring, when it’s warm. If you did ok at McD, ever, you can usually get hired back, if need be. Prima!

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